How To Read an Electric Meter

Accurately reading your electric meter is an important way to keep track of your energy consumption and keeping track of the electricity you use. Although most meters are easy to read, there are a few things to keep in mind when taking a reading. In this post, we’ll walk you through how to read an electric meter so that you can be confident in your readings.

Electric meters

For those of us who don’t work in the energy industry, it can be daunting to read an electric meter.  Fortunately, it is simpler than it looks. If you are ever unsure, you should contact your local electrician as they can usually assist. First off, verify that the source and type of electricity is correct by looking at the label or sticker on the meter’s faceplate. The meter should also have a description of directions on how to read it. If not, there may be as many as five dials in front with pointers and numbers that indicate the amount of electricity used in kilowatt-hours (kWh). It is best practice to take readings every month so a good record can be kept of usage over time and energy efficiency improvements can be tracked. There are occasional errors that may occur when reading electric meters, which is why taking periodic readings is essential.

How often should I check my electric meter?

It is recommended that you check your electric meter at least once a month. This will help you track your energy usage and spot any errors that may occur. Additionally, taking readings regularly allows you to identify areas of improvement in terms of energy efficiency. You can also find information about the electricity you use on your London Hydro account.

Tips for reducing your power consumption

Saving energy at home is a great way to help conserve the environment and lighten your utility bill. Following these tips can lead to huge savings and reduce your carbon footprint!

  • Start by unplugging any electronic or electrical items that aren’t in use
  • Adjust the temperature on refrigerators and freezers to the recommended setting, which can significantly cut down on energy usage;
  • Replace old light bulbs with efficient LED bulbs
  • Choose appliances such as laundry machines and dishwashers with an energy star rating, and try to run full loads each time you use them


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