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EV Chargers In London, Ontario

The way we travel has evolved dramatically in recent years. With the innovation of electric cars, commercial EV chargers are now in high demand. Rather than driving around the neighbourhood trying to find a charging station, you can enjoy the convenience of an EV charger on your property.

Installing a charging station on your lot will remove the hassle of dealing with third-party charger-finding sites. Consult with J.D. Patrick’s certified electricians today to find the best fit.

Benefits Of A Commercial EV Charging Station

There are many reasons why you should consider installing EV Chargers at your commercial building. As the world is becoming more environmentally friendly, more people are buying electric cars as they reduce your community’s carbon footprint and are also cheaper to maintain compared to gas vehicles. From a commercial standpoint, EV charging stations allow more staff and residents to remain on-site and also attract more business to your site/lot.

Questions We Can Answer About EV Charger Installation!

  • How many chargers will I need to install?
  • What types of chargers should I get?
  • Where should the charging stations be located?
  • How do I control traffic in the charging areas?
  • What level of charger should I get, level 2 or level 3?
  • How can I monitor charging costs?

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