Electrical Repair in London, Ontario

Do you need to fix an existing commercial space before you can move your business? Are you moving into an old home with suspect wiring? J.D. Patrick Electric Inc. can perform the necessary electrical repairs and bring buildings in London and Southwestern Ontario up to code, keeping its occupants safe and protecting your investment in the process.

From installing new wires and receptacles to emergency repair services, electrical repair services come in all forms. Every single task requires detailed knowledge, even for simple repairs like newer fixtures. Our team of licensed electricians brings their knowledge, as well as a passion for problem solving and quality customer service, to every job.

Electrical Contractor For Complete Repair Services

You have to address any electrical repairs quickly and professionally. Not only does this keep your home or business safe, but it also ensures that your commercial facility is adhering to the proper safety requirements. J.D. Patrick can provide same day service to your home or business and can repair any type of electrical equipment.

Regardless of the nature of your repair needs, our licensed electricians are experienced with quick and thorough fixes for commercial, multi-residential, and industrial clients, helping get all buildings and their electrical components to good working order.

Electrical Repair in London & Southwestern Ontario

A comprehensive repair doesn’t just consider the immediate issue. The J.D. Patrick team performs quotes, examinations, troubleshooting, and comprehensive repairs to completely solve the problem. We also commit to staying up-to-date with the latest in the electrical industry, meaning our team is well-informed about the best and latest in technology and products.

If you need professional electrical repair services, request a licensed and insured electrician from J.D. Patrick Electric Inc. We work hard to turn new customers into lifelong customers, and with the license and training to inspect and repair electrical systems so that everything runs smoothly and to your expectations!

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