Electrical Inspection in London, Ontario

J.D. Patrick Electric is licensed by the Electrical Safety Authority (License Number 7012576) to perform electrical inspections. We provide thorough electrical system examinations for multi-residential, commercial, and industrial clients in London and Southwestern Ontario, ensuring electrical wires, systems, and components meet the legal safety standards for our province.

Electrical inspections will help you live comfortably in your home and rest easier. It’s not just a recommendation – by law, all electrical installations, renovations, and alterations in private homes, offices, industrial buildings, and income properties must have an electrical inspection. There are many benefits to having an electrical inspection.

Electrical Inspection Contractor

Most electrical code violations come when someone other than a licensed electrical contractor (LEC) performs work in the home. LECs are the only businesses in Ontario (with very few exceptions) legally authorized to do electrical work in your home. They can provide you with an ESA licence number proving that they can operate their electrical contracting business in our province. The licence number should appear on vehicles, business cards, estimates, and all other documentation.

All electrical installations or changes must be inspected to ensure they comply with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. After the electrical inspection, your LEC will provide you with a Certificate of Acceptance from the ESA for your records. Keep this for insurance purposes. As LECs, a member of the J.D. Patrick team can not only do professional electrical work, we do inspections that expose shoddy work before it becomes a health hazard.

Nearly any building that is being insured will require an electrical inspection, with insurance providers often demanding a professional inspection be performed on your home before coverage. Whatever your reason for having one done, our team can perform inspections to ensure that you have everything you need to get the coverage you need. Our electrical inspection contractors are ready on-call 24/7 for all electrical services. Questions? Feel free to contact us on our online form or call us now.

Electrical Inspection in London & Southwestern Ontario

Every electrical installation, alteration, and renovation must have an electrical inspection. An inspection from a licensed electrical contractor ensures that everything related to the electrical system is safe. More than just a legal requirement, inspections are the best way home and business owners can rest easy and enjoy their building, upgrade or renovation. Electrical inspections also protect the people in the building from electrical hazards. If you need an inspection performed on your property, call J.D. Patrick Electric Inc. today!

A comprehensive repair doesn’t just consider the immediate issue. The J.D. Patrick team performs quotes, examinations, troubleshooting, and comprehensive repairs to completely solve the problem. We also commit to staying up-to-date with the latest in the electrical industry, meaning our team is well-informed about the best and latest in technology and products.

If you need professional electrical repair services, request a licensed and insured electrician from J.D. Patrick Electric Inc. We work hard to turn new customers into lifelong customers, and with the license and training to inspect and repair electrical systems so that everything runs smoothly and to your expectations!

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