Underground Wiring in London, Ontario

Underground wiring is the most economical and most visually appealing type of electrical wiring available to homeowners today. Your existing home or new build could benefit from converting outdated exterior wiring or choosing a new system below ground. Whatever the reason you need electrical wiring, underground installation is the optimum method of delivering electricity where you need it.

Underground wiring is one of J.D. Patrick’s most specialized electrical services. It takes skill, knowledge, and careful planning to get the job done. No matter where you are in London and Southwestern Ontario, our licensed electricians can perform professional underground wiring for homes, businesses, and industrial sites.

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On a typical underground wiring job, we connect service cables below the ground to the utility company’s pole, feeding them down a pipe into the ground. We then run the wires horizontally through a bored hole in the ground and up into the transformer. Once we’ve finished the job, no visible wires will be visible, eliminating the potential of weather-related damage and reducing safety issues. With no unsightly power poles or lines strung across your yard or off your home, underground wiring will make your home look much cleaner!

When it comes to installing underground wires in your home, safety is of the greatest importance. Improper or unskilled installation can lead to expensive repairs in the future. That’s why it’s necessary to work with a skilled electrician who has experience with underground wire installation services.

Underground Wiring in London & Southwestern Ontario

There are many benefits to underground wiring. It doesn’t take up a lot of space upon installation because it doesn’t need any support elements (e.g. poles) to stabilize the wires. Our team can also install underground wiring without encroaching on public grounds or your neighbors’ property, all while choosing exactly where we need the power to go.

It’s the ideal solution for connecting exterior lighting, security systems, pool filters, hot tubs, and other outdoor amenities to the grid. When you need service that’s efficient, dependable, and cost-effective, trust us to get it done!

The J.D. Patrick team of electrical contractors knows what’s needed before we start digging. It’s the law to request what’s called a “locate” from your local utility company, showing us if and where underground lines and cables exist on your property. Our team handles this for you, creating a safe work environment that avoids damage liability, serious personal injury, and potential power loss.

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