Electrical Installation in London, Ontario

Electrical installations are complex and can be dangerous if not handled by professionals. It’s why you should count on a team dedicated to getting the job done right the first time, and the J.D. Patrick Electric Inc. team is here to get it done.

Jeff, Dylan, and the rest of the crew have dedicated themselves to providing clients in London and Southwestern Ontario with safe, high-quality electrician installation, exceptional customer service, and strict guarantees on work. J.D. Patrick Electric Inc. has decades of combined experience and deep knowledge while keeping up with the latest installation techniques.

Electrical Contractor

J.D. Patrick’s electrical installation services cover a wide range of property needs. We offer superior technical knowledge and experience, delivering it with reliable, friendly service to every customer. Whatever your needs, we’ll be happy to assist you in all your electrical needs!

Our electrical contractors can perform new electrical wiring jobs, fixes on incorrect previous installations, wiring and rewiring, panel upgrades, outdoor lighting installations for gardens, garages, patios, and pools, and interior lighting solutions like new outlets, switches, and panels.

Electrical Installation in London & Southwestern Ontario

There are several stages to putting in wiring in a new home or renovation. The rough-in phase usually begins once you have finished the wall framing and the studs are exposed. Your electricians will be able to install all the outlets, lighting, appliances, and other electrical components. We can also come up with a plan to wire your new home on a timetable that best suits your needs.

New homes also require electrical panels. These divide the electrical supply, feeding the building’s secondary circuits and providing breakers for each outgoing circuit. You must have at least a 100 Amp panel installed, but it’s common for contemporary homes to have a 200 Amp panel. For large estates, it might be necessary to go up to 1,000 Amp services!

The placement of electrical outlets is crucial for meeting the electrical demands of every room in the home. The J.D. Patrick Electric Inc. team can help you with the placement of electrical outlets to accommodate the needs of the home (or the home-based business), as well as choosing optimal spots in the basement, garage, and along the home’s exterior.

Our electricians work hard to ensure all our electrical installation services are dependable and high-quality. We work tirelessly to install the highest quality materials with safety and speed in mind. Our team respects your home and your time, and we work to minimize interruptions to your routine. You can count on J.D. Patrick Electric Inc. to get the job done right the first time!

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