How To Know When You Need An Electrical Inspection

Electrical inspection panel box


If you’re a home or business owner, you might not know that you need a professional inspection of the building’s wiring. Use this list to acquaint yourself with the common signs that you need an electrical inspection.

Any of these signs could be local issues; however, a wiring problem in one spot often indicates concerns in other places, too. A professional inspection can find electrical issues before they become hazardous to life and property.

You Detect A Burning Smell


If you notice a suspicious burning smell, stop using all switches and outlets in that area or room and call for an electrical inspection. Anything creating the burning could cause a fire.

Once you’ve unplugged everything in the part of the building where you detect the smell, try pinpointing the source. Follow it with your nose, and if you can’t find where the odour is coming from, the wiring behind your walls is likely to be the problem.


Hot Sockets


It’s not just burning – if your electrical switches and outlets are producing high amounts of heat, you should be concerned. It’s normal for a small amount of warmth to occur when you have something plugged in; however, if the socket becomes too hot that it burns your hand, have an electrician check it out. 

Also, check if any outlets get hot when there is no device plugged into them. In these cases, there’s likely a wiring issue that requires a professional electrical inspection to uncover.


Buzzing From Outlets


If you notice any sounds coming from the electrical outlets – buzzing is the most common – it’s a sign you need an inspection. Unplug any devices, as buzzing sounds are signs of loose connections, defective appliances, or faulty wiring. Stop using these sockets and seek the help of an electrician.


Loose Electrical


Wiring behind electrical outlets and light switches can wear out over time; eventually, they will become loose. If you notice this on any of the sockets or switches in your home, stop using them, have them repaired and your home inspected. Should you use them further, they can catch fire!


Flickering Lights


If your lights flicker when you turn them on, it could mean that there is hidden wire damage in a faulty switch. It’s a sign that a call to an electrician is in order!

Another common cause of flickering lights is the use of other appliances attached to the same circuit. If one appliance (e.g. the washing machine) draws too much power, the lights could flicker in its room (e.g. the laundry room). An electrician can switch the lighting to another circuit to ensure that your appliances get the proper power supply.


You’re Experience Surges When Using Major Appliances 


Most buildings can accommodate the use of major appliances like washing machines, clothes dryers, fridges, freezers, air conditioners, dishwashers, water heaters, and microwave ovens. However, if you use multiple appliances at once, they cause an electrical surge that could destroy the connected devices and even spark a fire. When you experience a surge, call an electrician as soon as possible for an inspection.


You Don’t Know The Date Of The Last Inspection On The Electrical System


If you moved into an older home or business, you might not know if an electrician has ever performed an inspection. Home or building inspectors can catch a lot, but some of the behind-the-wall stuff can escape them. If you do not know the last date of inspection – or if an electrician has ever performed an inspection or tested your electrical system at all – call us today!


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