Signs You Might Need An Electrical Repair

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The electrical system is one of the most complex and essential parts of your London, Ontario home. Over time, problems will occur due to use and age. While inevitable, if you know what to look for, you can catch the clues and schedule an electrical examination before you have an annoying – or dangerous – interruption of service on your hands. Here are the common signs that you need an electrical repair!

Your Circuit Breakers Keep Tripping


JD Patrick – circuit breakerThe occasionally tripped circuit breaker isn’t necessarily a cause for concern – it indicates that your electrical panel is doing its job! However, if your breakers trip with frequency, it could signal that your system has an underlying issue like an old panel or an exposed power wire.

If you find yourself needing to reset breakers more than a couple of times per week, your home’s electrical system could be overloaded. The panel might need an upgrade to handle the pressure, especially if yours is an older model.


Heat, Sparking & The Smell Of Burning


If you’re noticing frequent sparking from your sockets (especially if they are yellow), this could be a sign of a wiring issue. The cause is likely the wires producing too much heat, and it’s a classic sign of a problem in the electrical system. Your cover plates might also be too hot; these are all signs that your outlets are likely melting!

If the sparks give off a burning smell, or if you notice this kind of odour coming from any of your home’s outlets or switches, don’t wait to have the problem repaired- it could turn into an electrical fire! You’ll want to act quickly by calling a licensed electrician and only a licensed electrician. Tampering with these outlets could lead to burns or worse.


Flickering Lights


JD Patrick – electrician

If you’ve caught your light fixtures flickering or dimming despite the lightbulbs being securely in place, there could be multiple problems with your electrical system. Flickering lights can indicate one or more issues with the wiring: overloaded circuits, poor installation, faulty switches and outlets, and more.  

Any one of these problems warrants a visit from a professional electrician. If you notice lights flickering in your home, an inspection and repair can prevent damage or safety hazards. 


Strange Humming Noises


Any buzzing or humming sounds coming from outlets or electrical devices should get your attention, stat. Sounds are an indication of loose wiring within the connections in the circuit box. There are many ways this can happen – for instance, temperature fluctuations sometimes lead electrical pieces and equipment to expand and contract.

No matter what caused the problem, loose wires should lead you to call for service. Buzzing noises are a sign of a problem, and the causes could end up damaging the circuits and causing electrical failure. It’s a prevalent issue in older homes; if you live in a home that’s at least 30 years old, you should have a licensed electrician from J.D. Patrick Electric Inc. check the system to make sure it is up to date.

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